Drop off is offered both in the morning and evening.  It is currently scheduled on Nov 15th ,from 9:00am – 8:00pm.

Please be sure to schedule your drop off time as soon as you register so you are able to select a time that works well for your schedule. The time slots are limited and fill up Fast!


Drop Off Process *We have REVISED our Drop Off Process, so please read the following carefully

Posh Little Closet wants your drop off appointment to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. We also want to make sure we are accepting top quality items that are ready to hit the sales floor. To help us accomplish that task, please follow these guidelines below before you arrive to your drop off appointment and we will get you on your way much quicker!

  • Have all of your items already on hangers and organized by GENDER AND SIZE.  ( ie. Combine all boys sizes 3T and  continue with boys size 4t, etc…). Then keep your clothing organized by putting each of these sized groups  into the container you will transport them in by laying them in different directions.
  • Double check that each of your toys and other items that require batteries are clean and in working order. We do provide batteries at drop off for $1 per battery, if needed. Please separate the items that you will need to get batteries for and be sure to tell a volunteer as soon as you arrive.
  • Be sure to have reviewed the Recall List to ensure that any recalled items you may have has either been ‘fixed’ or has been pulled from your inventory. *Remember that this is the full responsibility of the consignor.
  • If you are selling a car seat, be sure to check that it is not expired. Please also fill out the Car Seat Disclosure Form and bring it with you!



  • When you arrive, please find our check in table and tell the hostess your name and consignor number.
  • A volunteer will then show you where you can unload your items to. After you have brought in all your items, a volunteer will check in your non-clothing items to ensure they are CLEAN and SALES-FLOOR READY. Before your items go to the sales floor, be sure to let a volunteer know how many women’s handbags and large ticket items you have so we can attach security tags to them. You will need to allow extra time to set up any items needing assembly and take all accepted non-clothing items to the sales floor.
  • You will then take your clothing to the designated area based on SIZE and GENDER (see How to Prepare for Your Drop Off Appointment above). This per-organization allows our volunteers to inspect your items so you can get them on the sales floor much quicker. We appreciate the time you take to help us with this!


  • Our volunteers will inspect your clothing inventory for any rips, holes, stains, smells or improper tagging. We will only accept like-new merchandise that will sell. Posh Little Closet strives to maintain consistency in offering high-quality, gently used items. We want to sell what you would be happy buying! Please help us do this by check your clothing over carefully and bring the best of what you have.
  • Any items that are not consistent with Posh Little Closet standards will not be included in the sale and will be set aside. The tags of these items will be marked (so that you know that specific item was not included in sale inventory and will be able to remedy the problem before the next sale) and returned to the consignor, unless the items are marked for donate.
  • All accepted items can then be put out on the sales floor. If you are able to earn your 3 volunteer hours at this time, please be sure to sign up for your volunteer shift.
  • Once these things are done, you are free to go! If you are volunteering, please be sure to go ahead and sign in for your shift.




Pick Up is scheduled on Saturday Nov 18th, from 8:00pm – 9:00pm.

  • Early Pick Up is not allowed unless you are volunteering before pick up. If your three hour volunteer shift begins at 5:00 or later, you may take your items with you and not have to return to consignor pick up.
  • When you arrive to consignor Pick Up, please sign in and pick up a Consignor Pick Up Form. If you are unable to personally pick up your items, you must email us BEFORE Sunday and include your name / consignor number and the name and phone number to the person picking up for you. That person will be required to show photo id.
  • All items should be sorted by consignor number. Look for your consignor number and check to see if you have any items in your pile that don’t belong to you. If (by chance) we are not done sorting, you may still have outstanding items that have not made it to your pile yet. Feel free to help us sort the remaining items to ensure you have gathered all that belong to you.
  • Also, be sure to check the Missing Tags Bin and the Out of Season, Stained or Damaged Bin as these items will not be sorted. If any outstanding items remain, please find the Missing Items Report and include your items there. Usually when a consignor is missing an item, it is because it was mistakenly put in the wrong consignor pile. As each consignor is checked out, these items are found and will be returned if they are included in the MIR.
  • After you have gathered all your items, please find a volunteer to double check that all the items you are taking belong to you. This is a quick extra step we take to ensure we have done all we can to return all consignor items back to the owner.
  • Please then sign the Consignor Pick Up Form and leave it with the volunteer who checked you out.
  • Consignors will be able to view/print an Unsold Items Report from the online inventory database. You can use this report to reconcile your sold/unsold items, but please be considerate of others and the PLC volunteers when doing this. If you will reconcile before you leave with your items, be sure to arrive at the beginning of consignor pick up so you have time to do so and be sure to find a quiet corner to do it in.
  • Any items not picked up by 9:00 pm will be DONATED IMMEDIATELY.  Posh Little Closet will not hold, store or maintain any items after pick up has ended.
  • You check will be mailed in 5-7 business days from the close of the sale. Note that Consignors have 24 hours from the close of the sale to make us aware of any discrepancies in their sales.