currentnews1Posh Little Closet is now accepting WOMEN’S HANDBAGS at each of our events.  Moms also deserve to get great deals on things for themselves!  So, be sure to add ‘something for Mom’ to your shopping list!


currentnews2Uniforms are now included in the clothing we accept and sell at our events.  Many of you have expressed the need to get great deals on what your children wear school and we are here to help!  You will see the new ‘uniform’ selection in the online inventory database.


currentnews3With our new website design, by valorbound.com, we have made some changes to various procedures and policies at Posh Little Closet.  Please be sure to review all the new information on our website to stay up to date on these things.


currentnews4Posh Little Closet will permanently be accepting ladies dresses. We think the mom’s should have a little fun sometimes.


currentnews1Posh Little Closet now offers ALL Season clothing at every event regardless of the season.  Now you can stock up by purchasing the next size and season for your kiddos!